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Professional Assessments


These three-day multi-disciplinary professional assessments are conducted in an outpatient setting at Alliance Assessment Center in Houston, Texas. We are an international center that performs assessments for physicians and other health professionals, clergy, psychotherapists, executives, attorneys, athletes, and other professionals from the North American continent and elsewhere. As the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston is easily accessible from anywhere in the world through its international airport. Many professionals are sent to us by external agencies or other bodies because of concerns that may include burnout, unprofessional behavior, sexual misconduct, addictions, cognitive decline, possible impairment in work functioning, and depression, anxiety, personality disorders, or career transition difficulties. We recognize that a variety of life stressors can affect professional functioning.

Our team of a physician-psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist, and a clinical social worker will collaborate closely with the referral source and the evaluee to answer the relevant questions specific to that individual. The assessments consist of multiple interviews of the evaluee, comprehensive psychological testing covering both neurocognitive functioning and personality issues, and collateral interviews of family and other significant persons by our clinical social worker. At the completion of the assessment, we provide verbal feedback to the evaluee followed by a written report to the evaluee and to the referral source. We take great care to protect your privacy and your right to confidentiality.

The final written report provides a detailed understanding of the professional and provides an individually tailored plan of treatment and/or rehabilitation, if needed, in the geographic area in which the professional lives or an alternative setting that we feel would be most productive and helpful to the evaluee. We have extensive knowledge of individual providers, treatment centers, or educational programs around the world so that we can place the professional in the optimal setting.